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Car Audio Project K5 – 1986 Chevrolet Blazer K5 Audio Upgrade

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This green Blazer came into the shop already looking beautiful, but it needed a car audio system to match. Like every build, we met with the client and discuss their goals to make sure we completely understand what they’re looking to accomplish and work within any necessary parameters such as budget and schedule.

The unique characteristics of each vehicle must also be considered, and this Blazer was no different. With the large knobby tires, removable roof and LT swapped engine this Blazer is loud just driving around. The existing stereo was completely drowned out by engine, road and wind noise so we knew we needed to go loud.

Considering these factors, we decided on using Memphis Audio’s VIV line of flagship amplifiers and components. We used two separate Memphis Audio VIV750.6V2, 750-watt six channel amps, to power two sets of Memphis Audio VIV60C Component speakers with tweeters and two sets of Memphis Audio VIV62 Components speakers. We chose these speakers because their dual layer composite fiber cone is light weight but incredibly stiff enabling them to produce clear and crisp sound even at higher volumes. Both front doors were modified to house the speakers.

To fill out the low end we also installed a Memphis Audio VIV1500.1v2, a 1500-watt mono amp to power dual 12” Memphis Audio M7 subwoofers in a ported enclosure. These subwoofers are known for their high-quality accurate bass response and impressive power handling.

Custom panels were fabricated to house the 1500-watt mono amp for the subwoofer and the rear VIV62 component speakers for an exceptionally clean install.

No matter how nice the speakers are you will not get the sound you desire without proper tuning. To optimize the performance of this system we chose a Memphis Audio VIV68DSP (Digital Signal Processor) equipped with 6 input channels and 8 output channels.

This car audio system turned out spectacular and I can confirm hearing it on the road is no longer an issue. Check out more pictures of this project below.

If you have any questions or would like more information, call us at (614) 947-7454 for Columbus/West(614) 649-5878 for Powell, and (614) 604-6477 for Columbus / East or filling out a form here. We are located in Powell, Ohio and service the entire Columbus area.

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