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For Car Audio, What is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP)?

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What is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), you might ask? While DSPs, or digital signal processors, are at the heart of most modern audio equipment and is found inside headphones, smartphones, studio audio gear, vehicle entertainment systems, and much more, the average person is often not aware of what they do.

The most basic explanation is that a DSP is a processor dedicated to number-crunching digital signals like audio. The more practical explanation is it’s a tool designed to allow the tuning of input signal summing, crossovers, equalization, time alignment and output level control.

DSP processors are typically configured using a laptop computer in conjunction with a calibrated RTA microphone. We install a DSP processor between your radio (OEM or aftermarket) and your amplifiers. Then, using a computer and a calibrated microphone and our expertise, we can fine-tune the frequency response of your system and adjust where the sound comes from for an incredibly realistic listening experience.

Speakers that sound great in our store will sound very different inside of a vehicle. The small space and different materials can dramatically alter what you hear even though the speaker is playing the same sound. We use the DSP and calibrated microphone to smooth the frequency response to provide a smooth, natural sound.

Additionally, because you sit on one side of your vehicle, the closer speakers are not only perceived as being louder, but you also hear them before the speakers on the other side of the vehicle. We combine the ability to delay the signal going to nearby speakers with careful level-matching to create what is known as a soundstage to ensure the audio spreads out evenly across the vehicle.

If you have any questions or would like more information about a digital signal processor, call us at (614) 947-7454 for Columbus/West(614) 649-5878 for Powell, and (614) 604-6477 for Columbus / East or filling out a form here. We are located in Powell, Ohio and service the entire Columbus area.

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